Discover how noise affects your health

Connect your phone with wearables to visualize the impact of external noise on your wellbeing

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The app to combat excessive noise from your home

You can activate Soundless while sleeping (to see if it affects your sleep) or in another moment.

Individual health reports

With Soundless in your phone, you get reports to correlate noise with your health data. You will detect when and how legal environmental thresholds have been surpassed and how they affected you.

Collective noise maps

Compare your data with noise pollution issues around you. Does your neighbourhood or your community suffer from the same problems as you?

What do we do:

Detection of noise levels

The app takes samples from your mobile microphone and then identifies the level of noise. Thanks to this, it detects whether thresholds were exceeded.

Use of wearables

Heart rate and sleep stages are altered in face of noise pollution. We detect it from your wearable device.

Data analytics

By using data analytics and data visualization tools, we generate reports enabling to confront these causes of pollution.

Guaranteed privacy

Soundless is design with strict privacy in mind.
We work from non-profit research organisations, with a clear focus on citizen science.
Mesures que pren Soundless per la privacitat de les dades.

Press collection

This is a compilation of all the sites where Soundless has been published.

Video about phase 1

This video explains the procedures, acknowledgments and results obtained in phase 1 of the study.

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To be a Soundless user, you need to:

Have an Android mobile device
(we provide for a wearable)

Live in the province of